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DYU R1 Torque Sensor Electric Bike

DYU R1 Torque Sensor Electric Bike

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New coming DYU R1 20 Inch Pedal Assistance Smart Folding Electric City Bike with the most COMFORTABLE riding experience, torque sensor technology, durable bike body, and powerful performance.


Aluminum alloy

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  • 7 years warranty for the whole bike
  • 1 year warranty for the battery
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The R1 is the leisure electric bike you’ve been looking for. With larger 20-inch wheels and a 250W motor, it’s perfect for travelling with great enjoyment around the Australian countryside suburbs.

The DYU R1 Electric Bike is the combination of durability and comfort, with a stylish appearance. With larger 20 inch wheels and 250W high speed motor, the R1 allows you to zip around town with ease. The 5AH lithium-ion battery gives you plenty of power to go up to 40KM before needing a recharge, while the aluminium alloy frame and front fork suspension provide a smooth ride.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride in the countryside or inner-city commuting, this electric bike has you covered. The front and rear braking system and LED lights keep you safe when riding. You can also adjust the seat height to suit your needs and comfort. DYU Electric Bikes are ultra-quiet, comfortable, zippy, and easy to use, giving you an easy choice when it comes to electric transport.

  • Advanced battery design

    R1 uses a combination of battery and seat, which not only increases the available space of the bicycle, but also increases the beauty. Moreover, the battery is very powerful and its endurance is very strong.
  • Smart LCD display

    Once you start riding ,the neat display activates,showing you essential information.
  • Disc brake lock

    You don’t have to worry about your R1 being ridden away, because it is equipped with disc brake lock, you can easily lock it.
  • 250W Inverter motor

    The bottleneck-breaking high speed inverter motor sustains high-torque output with the strong power generated by the vector magnetic field with sine wave,thus more energe-efficiency,longer range,and less noise.Smoother acceleration from rest compared to opdinary ebiks by 90%.
  • Removable seat tube battery

    Removing the battery before charging is easy.Leaving it in the tube is even easier.
  • Front wheel double spring suspension

    R1 has dual-spring shock absorbers, allowing you to ride comfortably on bumpy roads.
Mỗi chiếc xe của DYU đều được đóng gói với bộ thiết bị định vị GPS GF-22 để giúp bạn nhận được vị trí thời gian thực thuận tiện. Với hai nam châm cực mạnh bên trong, bạn có thể dễ dàng gắn chắc chắn vào xe đạp điện của mình mà không cần lắp đặt thêm.

Thiết bị định vị GF-22

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Kích thước: 26 mm x 42 mm x 15 mm

Trọng lượng: 0,1kg

Pin trong: Li-polymer, 500 mAh

Thời gian sử dụng sau 1 lần: 84 giờ